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Hi and welcome to game globe cheats where we will help you get all the cheats and hacks you could ever ask for.

Chances are being on this website and looking for cheats you will already know what Game Globe is but in case you aren’t familiar game globe is an incredibly popular online free to play game that you can play in your browser. If you don’t have game globe account and would like to sign up then go here

With game globe the unique selling point is that you can create your own maps from the ground up. It is made in a way to be simple to create your own levels. A lot of the focus of gameglobe is centered around the social gaming experience. You can create and then share your levels.

With that level of customisation available in level creation you would also expect a high level of customisation with your character and you wouldn’t be disappointed. You can fully customise your avatar hats, hair, hands wrist, tops, bottoms, bag and glasses. To get new items you need to buy them with coins you have collected in levels from previous missions.

When you sign into gameglobe you can choose from a catalog of tons and tons of user created levels. So every game you play is going to be significantly different. Some of the levels are extremely well made, infact most of the levels due to the editor look very good visually. You will have hints guiding you through the level towards the objective and most maps i have played have incorporated cut scenes to drive the story along.

game globe

Game globe doesnt really have any cheats that you can type in the game. You need to use some third party software (a hack) in order to change values in the game.

We have developed a hack that allows you to modify the game. You can increase attributes of your character such as add more health, increase the distance you can jump, increase damage you inflict, increase coins, turn on or off god mode or clip through walls.

Download game globe cheats below. Unzip and run the file.


Using the game globe hack is extremely easy once you activate it enter your account details then select the attribute you wish to change, enter the value and save changes.

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